Tuesday, 28 September 2010

My Apron

The item every aspiring cook should have: a cute apron.
This is mine, it was a gift from my dad.
He works at Slow Food Compony and he brought it home from a convention.
This will be my new uniform for the coming time.
Hopefully it'll serve me well.

So, What's Gonna Happend?

To start of this blog I'll tell you a little about myself and this blog.

My name is Sophie, I'm 19 years old and I live in Utrecht, The Netherlands.
Last year I started a blog about my gap year, but as I travelled abroad I found it hard to keep it up.
Now I jus started in college (Liberal Arts&Sciences) and instead of blogging about my boring life, I will atempt something else.
I'm a hardcore food lover and I spend a lot of time on the blogs of professional cooks.
Now Im not bad at all, but I will not pretend to be as good as them.
No, my blog will have a completely different aproach.
Each week I will post a recipe, hopefully with an interesting background story, that I made in my crappy college kitchen.

As a description of my kitchen:
I share it (and the rest of the apartement) with three others. We used to have a waterboiler, coffemachine and toaster, but all of those are broken.
Luckely there's a working microwave, stove and fridge.
It's not the cleanest kitchen and not the best equiped one, I'm sure that anyone who went to college can imagine what it's like.

But as I said, I will try to post at least once a week an easy to make, cheap and tasty meal.
I don't always have time to cook or I'll be eating with friends, so once a week sounds do-able.
So, if you're interested, keep checking out my blog and maybe it'll inspire you to eat more than just P&B sandwiches or microwave food ;)

O, and requests are allways welcome. As are random comments, so don't hesitate!

Love, Sophie