Saturday, 23 October 2010

Deliciously Fancy Hamburger

If you´re craving a hamburger, but you want something better than the fast-food kind, try this.
It's a fancy version and you can complete construct it to your own taste.
Belive me, you'll love it!

- bun
- hamburger
- tomatoes
- pickles
- sauces (ketchup, mayoniase)
- onion rings
- lettuce

- cheese
- mushrooms
- mustard, chilli-sauce, curry-sauce

Grill the burger and frie up the onion rings. Slice the tomatoes and pickles and cut the bun open.
Put some sauce on one half of the bun and put lettuce on it. Add the tomatoe and pickle slices.
Put the hamburger on and top it of with the onion rings and the other half of the bun.
If you want a cheese burger, grill the burger on one side. Flip it and put a slice of cheese on the side thats done.
For mushrooms you just fre them up with the onion rings.

You can really put on whatever you like, that´s the beauty of hamburgers.
To make it really fancy you can use brie in stead of cheddar, or put grilled veggies like eggplant or zucchini on it as well. I really like taking fancy kind of buns instead of regular burger ones.
Those little things make all the difference.
Use your imagination, make it crazy good.
This one also works great for parties with all the different kinds of toppings.



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